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A big jazz collection rode in to town. Like about 7000 records. It was a vast and interesting selection of albums, right across the whole funny spectrum of jazz. I didn’t get to see the whole lot as a whole bunch of expensive ones were sold before I got there, but spent a few afternoons digging about in boxes behind counters and that sort of thing. I bought a few stinkers and some magic mad things. A couple of them are on this list. Other records come from other places, including Japan, but I have not been there, just bought a record via mail order.


It has been a period of busy busy buying recently. Almost out of control I’d say. I’ve bought film music, library music, a sprinkle of jazz and some curious Christian music too. Well someone’s got to still buy it. And I find it always goes down well at breakfast. Regular visitors to the site will have noticed there has been a distinct lack of recommendations going up on these pages. I originally thought that ten years worth of waffle would be enough, then I thought that I really like doing them, but I haven’t had that much time recently and so what we have here is sort of an amalgamation of those thoughts and my inability to control myself. To make it even more special this month I have sent Derek all the type for this page, but failed to make any notes on any of the scans. So, the images hopefully not match the albums. Could be interesting. Might be rubbish. And of course he might just get them all right. (I got one right at least - Derek)


In the last few months I have tried to buy very few records and failed miserably. But without spending too much money I have bagged some interesting recordings, one which I found at about 3am after Djing somewhere, got home, got out some wine, trawled about on ebay for a bit and found it as a buy it now for just £4.50. Not bad considering I was prepared to pay about £7.50 for it. Could life get any better? I doubt it. Anyway, those kind of LPs just keep coming and I really can’t stop picking them up. I’m rapidly running out of shelf space and excuses for Mrs Trunk.