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Looking back over the year my taste has changed a little. Not sure if its got better or worse, but the fact remains that I still buy records. The internet has played an ever-growing part in finding bits and bobs and has become now a staple part of weekly, sometimes daily hunting, but life does not begin and end on line. Far from it. Greater adventures are to be had out in the wilds. A good example is the reasonably scary visit I experienced recently to a record dealer's house way down on the south coast. I say scary as it was daytime when I got there but the curtains were all drawn closed and the only light coming into his house was from the computer screen in the front room. Through the muddy light it slowly became apparent that the word "hoover" had never been part of this dealer's vocabulary, and I had to keep moving my feet to make sure they remained loose and not stuck to the smeggy carpeted floor. I tried hard not to breath in too often as the dust coating everything around me was turning back into skin, and rather than dare use or even ask about the lavatory I waited a couple of hours until I was back safely in my car, on the motorway and heading into a service station. Now you won't find that kind of adventure on the internet. And I bought some records from him too, some have even made it on to this, the current list of Trunk hit records...


The top bit of each recommendations page is always the hardest bit to write. I have to think about the state of my records and the state of the record buying market as I see it. Well, at the moment my records seem alright. And the market seems alright too. But I`ve been djing quite a lot and this starts confusing my records at home. I mean that I come in, put records down, pick up others, mix them all about, bung singles over there, put others back there and so on, which has made this bunch of records more confused than others before it. I`ve also had to find music for a couple for radio shows which have made things doubly complex as there are more mini piles of records than usual, but it`s forced me to listen again to records I bought years ago that sounded less interesting when I first got them. There now follows a list of what`s hot round mine. Like what you might hear if you came round and spied on me musically for a day. One or two of these records may well get played more than once in that day.


Blimey, Summer is here already and it still feels like much earlier in the year. It`s doing my head in, and I know as soon as I`ve really realised it`s Summer it will already be Autumn. Well regardless of seasons I have been snooping in all corners of anywhere to find new things to entertain my insatiable musical head. And as I nearly always say here it isn`t getting any easier, but I am finding that hard looking does pay off sometimes. But only sometimes. A few weeks ago I managed to do a “trade” with my mate Joel, something I`ve never ever been good at. Some people just love trading records, I`ve never really managed without feel slightly short changed which explains why I refuse to do it most of the time, but on this one swap I might have got it right. I was also lucky enough to go to Australia recently and managed to put in a day of intense record shopping in Sydney. There are a couple of very good shops out there with their very own topsy turvy pricing policy. By this I mean albums rated here are not rated there, and albums not rated here are rated there. This was good news at the time. One shop also let me use their lavatory.


This month I cannot be bothered to give any reasons as to why these records are here, except of course for all the reasons that have gone before on these here pages. There has been a little luck in recent months, and quite a bit of looking hard with no luck at all.