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Welcome to the slightly Autumnal 2002 turntable selection. Thinking about it, it's only Autumnal because that's the time of year. None of these recordings are definitive for Autumn, it's just turned out that way. Well it has indeed been a busy few months for Trunk. Collecting LPs and carbooting have been put firmly on the backboiler. Basically, good LPs are harder to find at Boot Fairs these days and Sunday mornings in bed with my young lady appeals slightly more than groping around between a grubby Barry Manilow and an even filthier Max Bygraves in a cold field (you're slipping - Ed.). That aside, I still have managed to turn up some super duper sounds - some as yet unheard by the general public. These are currently being licensed for anyone interested in having a listen. Here goes qualify, these records must be played lots and lots, with the occasional jumping for joy action as visual accompaniment in ye olde barn.


My pockets are now empty. Foolishly I went to a record fair - and foolishly bumped into a man with a very odd Morricone LP on his stand. I foolishly asked where he got it from. He told me from a collection he'd just seen. I foolishly asked if there were any more...and yes - boxes of them. Within a week I was in possession of some 100 super rare Italian and French soundtracks and very empty pockets. To me this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy an exceptional collection of beautiful, unplayed LPs from 1963 to 1972. Some of these LPs appear on the new recommendations. They are - believe me - quite extraordinary in their musical content. If you have any Italian / French soundtrack wants let me know as I do have some spares and doubles. Anyway, the rest of the list is everything else I have bought or swapped or forgotten I had actually got and have just started to spin them all again. There isn't too much jolly Brazilian sunshine stuff because this is England and we don't have sunshine very often any more. Maybe it will all change by September. Thanks for all the wacked-out entries to the bird spotting competition - entries ranged from the sensible to the pathetic but all were entertaining. There is no competition this time but you can now buy Kes the soundtrack which is beautiful and might just make you cry. Remember that the vinyl is limited to about 970 so get yer skates on. Oh, and it's never ever been issued before. More news will follow very soon about 1) Robinson Crusoe 2) UFO by Barry Gray 3) something very secret 4) Flexi Sex 5) more rubbish singles 6) the awesome Dirty Fan Male LP. So stay in touch you loverly people. This is what is currently spinning in Ye Olde Barn. To qualify the LP / single has to be played lots in an excited fashion.


Well, Spring has sprung and we are in a natural mood here at the Trunk HQ. This does not mean we waltz around the place naked - no - we just embrace what is going on around us at this time of year, gaily skipping from record shop to boot fare sniffing flowers and looking at birds. In fact a duck has nested outside Trunk HQ. She likes wet bread in the mornings. And now we skip and hop to our Spring recommendations. These LPs make us feel happy, and glad to be alive. So glad in fact that there is a competition. If you can name all the birds on the LP cover shown below, We will send you a record. A good record. Promise.


Yes, and welcome to the Winter/Spring collection by Trunk. Well it's bloody cold here and much time is spent huddled around the turntable trying to keep warm. This is what has been heard...