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This is the second time I have sat here, at my computer very early in the morning doing this. It's about 6.35am and the dawn is just breaking. I have to plant bulbs in my sisters big garden (this is not a sexual thing) this morning so I'm doing this now so there are no more complaints from followers of this site that the updates aren't up for Winter yet. So I got up, had some Greek yoghourt, a herbal tea, a quick poo and promptly gathered a pile of vinyl sitting next to the deck downstairs. And now just for you, right here is the new selection of oldies and newies. Some of these LPs I have found in the last couple of months, others I have just rediscovered, many have been played out recently because I keep getting asked to play this kind of thing for people. A case in point is the Shawn Phillips LP. I hadn't played it for probably 10 years, and all of a sudden I realise why I got it in the first place. But then isn't that the point of buying records, like the long term view of it all. Anyway, I'll shut up and you can read on...


Well this may take some time. It's already 5.15 in the morning and I've only just started on this page. Tell the truth I fell asleep with both the TV and the record player both on at the same time, and woke abruptly to the sound of the record player still going round the run out groove and the telly booming out a BBC repeat for deaf people. So, stuck with very few options (go to sleep again and oversleep or just go and write) here I am with the latest round up of what is really quite good. Looking at the pile of LPs / singles in front of me this is a mixture of both old and new records that are both old and new, if you catch my drift. Like some are old but new to me, some aren't - you know what I mean.


Am I giving away my hard earned kinky vinyl secrets here? Do you look at these listings and then write them in your weird little 'record wants' book? Does anyone read these listings? Does anyone take a blind bit of notice? Do you think I am showing off or just being genuinely interesting? Do you want me to carry on? Do you even give a shit? Will you give me some money? Does my bum look big in this? Anyway, I will carry on regardless with a short list of stereo turn ons. However, I've just realised that one is a mono. Now for some reason this time there seems to be a whiff of horror sneaking in, maybe I'm turning psychotic, maybe this is just how my ears are behaving or are headed. Either way, a dark trunk period may lie ahead. Or maybe it's just the weather.


These recommendations just get harder. I mean finding good music is getting harder. Or is it just the size of my empty wallet that's the problem. Anyway, here is a short list of music and LPs full of the joys of spring. There is a little more library music than expected this time for a few reasons, one of which was a big job I had on recently where I had to listen to nothing but library for two days. It was hell, believe me, but good things have come from it, namely some of the recording mentioned here. It's also becoming apparent that people do read these listings, I only know this as I get emails - some with hard cash offers for the vinyl listed. To be frank I'm not surprised, as my descriptions and my newly found skills upon the scanning machine are quite obviously second only to Derek. There is also a tiny Australian thing going on here, only cos I went there in February...OK, as usual these listings are the LPs hanging around ye olde trunk turntable as we speak. These LPs have created a slight 'buzz' in the living room, and even the occasional erection if the wind is blowing in the right direction. And I've just noticed that many of these current LPs have pinky-red covers, so something must be afoot.

WINTER 02/03

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