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Now look, I've been away. Things have been tricky. There are bugger all records in Edinburgh. Lot's of charity shops and some amazing kebab establishments, but bugger all records. Well there's one shop but it's so full of boxes of record everywhere that only about two people can get in the shop at the same time so after two visits I just thought well sod you. Get a bigger shop. And both times I went there were Italians everywhere looking for the blues. Anyway, when I retuned chez Trunk things were good. I had been without my LPs for a whole month. Try it, it's great. And this has got me all exploring again, diggin' deep in those untouched, forgotten piles of vinyl. And this is what I have resurfaced with. As usual, there will be explanatory notes which won't help you at all.


It's been a busy few month. My postie has had to get an assistant for all the records coming in. Well it's not got to those extremes yet, but at the moment I think records are cheap. Cheaper than they have been for ages. The dollar has been shrinking, so LPs from the States have been practically half price. Then those madmen at Rare Disks in London Town had a half price soundtrack sale, and then halved all the prices again, which was nice. Interest in fields like Library recordings has definitely waned, so the prices have fallen, which means you can buy great LPs for bugger all and be incredibly unfashionable at the same time. Hoorah for everythink. I've noticed that there is only one Brazilian based LP in this lot, which is funny for me and the Summer, but that's just how it has happened so far this year. So, here is a brief list of what is beside the old Trunk Thorens deck at the moment. It tends to stay next to the deck because I listen to it lots, or at least try to as much as possible until I get a good feel of it. And I love good feel. On reflection, there is a distinctive and international flavour to these listings. I think that's a good thing. My next plan will be to open a Trunk Records Office in somewhere international. Like the Isle Of White. Or maybe in a war zone.


You may ask yourself, although I think it's unlikely, how I make all these albums for you and then even have time for finding new ones. Well I wonder sometimes myself. Anyway, here is some new and beautiful music, at least I think so, and here that's what matters. I will be brief whenever possible...


There has been much shuffling of sleeves over the last couple of months. There's also been a new trend within theTrunk household, maybe - no, definately something to do with the radio show I do. As a result many of these recordings are soundtrack based, but we've travelled a long way with film music and it just seems to get more intriguing and occasionally more ridiculous the longer we carry on. Well, you can be the judge of that...