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Trunk Kitchen - Door

Hello and welcome to the Trunk kitchen. This part of the website was born when me and Derek got pissed on a Thursday or, for true Trunk fans - by a Thursday. We got a bit bored with the original 'Trash' section so we decided on cooking - after all sex, food and music do go very well together, which ever room of the house you may be in. Well it seemed a good idea at the time. First it was going to be the trunk cooking section, but then kitchen is a better word. This is an area of the site we would like you to help us with too. If you have any cooking vinyl, good recipes, amazing foody pictures and of course shockingly bad (normally just post war) recipes or better still, photos, please email them.

Trunk Kitchen - Cooking Vinyl


Trunk Kitchen - Recipes

Yum Yum

Trunk Kitchen - Books

These books are highly recommended for a number of reasons. One of the reasons just may be that they are very good cookbooks. The other reason is simply that they have some very fine rude pictures inside. Either that or the food looks so poor that it's almost a better idea not to eat and just...something.

Trunk Kitchen - Chefs


Trunk Kitchen - Dishes

Ladies who are now mostly dead or very old with no clothes on in a kitchen situation.
Trigger warning: may contain cats and cartoons.


Remember "desktop wallpaper"? Remember 1024x768?

Jonny White's Vintage Fashion Page

These are all a little tenuous perhaps, but most entertaining none the less. Enjoy! Cheers, Jonny W.

Folky Dokey

Chunky Jumpers, cider fingers and a hey nonny Jonny. Were you there? Send us your best Folky Dokey photo.

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