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For a brief history of Basil Kirchin please click here.

A fine addition to the Teeny Tiny Trunk (TTT) 7” imprint is this awesome, unissued monster from one of the most extraordinary musician composers of all time.

It was written and produced in 1979 at Fairview Recording Studio in Willerby, Hull. As usual it goes to show that Basil was not only a unique musical visionary.

The line up for Silicon Chip was as follows:
Vocals: Gary Burroughs
Guitar and Keyboards: Danny Wood
Drums: Dane Morrell
Bass: Bernie Dolman
Music was engineered by Roy Neave.

Side One:

Silicon Chip

Side Two:

Silicon Sessions 1-5

A limited number have been made in yellow vinyl. A limited number are in black. You can only really get the yellow ones through Trunk, but some have escaped.

There is even a little video of this.