Catalogue No.


SO a couple of years ago I licensed a very rare Karin Krog record. Anyone familiar with the old Trunk Recommendations pages will be fully aware of my long term musical romance with Karin Krog. This cue, “Quiet Place” was previously only available on an obscure 7” issued on the Don Ellis label “Brave”. So, I licensed the track and had no idea how to issue it as it was only one cue. The a year later I realised I had some amazing Mark Murphy – then I worked out in the way that is reasonably unique to my funny mind that I could call one side KK and one side MM and that the fonts could all look the same and it sort of worked. So that’s what I did. The actual single - KK / MM – the A Side has the spooky lovely Karin Krog number called “A Quiet Place”, and AA Side has the simply sublime version of “Both Sides Now” sung by Mark Murphy from his only UK album. So there, great double sided single.

Jonny Trunk 2018