BOD - Words and Music

Catalogue No.


Oh my Lord, in amongst all the filth and titillating smut here at Trunk Records, we have room for pleasant nostalgia and a bit of history. And this is Bod, Yes Bod, yes, that Bod, the Bod. Bod.

Bod’s first ever CD. And what a wonderful thing it is you know - 19 tracks in all:

1) The Bod Theme
2) Frank The Postman’s Theme
3) The Farmer Barley Mow Theme
4) The Aunt Flo Theme
5) The PC Copper Theme
6) Bod Theme Reprise - Penny Whistle Solo
7) Here Comes Bod With Introductions
8) The Genesis Of Bod
9) We All Fall Down
10) Bod TV Begins
11) The Bewildered Charm Of John Le Mesurier
12) Here Comes Derek Griffiths
13) Aunt Flo and Friends
14) The Leaves Must Fall
15) Happy Accidents
16) The Bod ñ Books
17) Stopped For Speeding
18) Bod Revival
19) Bod And The Kite

Music, interviews, excerpts from the show, all very groovy indeed. Sounds almost like a rare lost Radio 4 documentary. The CD comes with a slipcase and magnificent 12 page full colour booklet charting the complete history of our little friend. Release date is the beginning of November but it will be for sale from ye old trunk shoppe before this date, so have a look.

The best thing so far is that Ali Cole, daughter of the original show creators are thrilled with the CD. Also there are rumours that Bod will be back on TV in the very near future. So it’s all looking bright for Bod again, which is quite something. And about time too

What is important to note however, is that 2005 is both the 40th Anniversary (first Bod Book 1965) and 30th Anniversary (first Bod TV Show 1975).

We have interviewed the super Coles, (son and daughter of the amazing creators), we have interviewed the genius animator, and we have interviewed the one and only Derek Griffiths. He has a big garden with a treme n dous 'feeding station' in it for birds . Instead of interviewing him we spent most of the time watching the feeding of exotic feathered friends and fledglings.

We have some rare and beautiful Bod illustrations to reveal.