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PSYCHOMANIA - ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK, JOHN CAMERON. What A lucky boy I am. Three years of work has resulted in all the rights for this little evil baby. The two master tapes have been dubbed off and are being cleaned as best we can. Basically it all sounds like evil hip hop, well sort of. It's a very dark, fuzz-filled soundtrack, as you'd expect from a British biker movie all about death. I've already previewed bits on the Resonance radio show, and response has been good. So hold tight, more news of this iminent release will follow - I reckon March is when it breaks.

THE SOULFUL STRINGS - CHRISTMAS LP: Yeah baby, it's a groovy Christmas LP, with Dorothy Ashby taking charge and plinking out a superb and very hip version of the Little Drummer Boy. And there are many more tracks to be found on this great Richard Evans underrated monster. I shall be listening to this well into the new year, when my stocking is empty and I have consumed all my Christmas chocs.

OAK - WELCOME TO OUR FAIR. Now there is one shop in London I don't like much. It's in Newington Green and they must think that everyone who buys records is thick. Everything in the shop, and I mean everything in the shop has got "Rare" or "Very Rare" written on it, and not being funny, most of the time the LP is not that at all. Anyway, went in for a laugh and actually came out with a very rare record, remarkably underpriced and quite beautiful. Stars on this LP include the lovely Peta Web. There is much tradition and dark country jigging here. Lovely and listenable.

THE LEVITTS - WE ARE THE LEVITTS. Yes, they are the Levitts, a funny family of musicians from NYC who got down in about 1969 and made an LP for ESP Disk. If I'm to be honest most of the music ESP released is too strange for me, all squeaky balloons and noodly parping, but the Levitts really are something else. A cross between hippy folk, jazz, experimentation and sweet Brazilian music all with cute girlie vocals. Sounds good to me and yes, a bitch to find.

LES GRANGES BRULEES - JEAN MICHEL JARRE. An Alan Delon film, and a bit of an odd one this, like the strangest electronic compositions all together on the same LP all at once. If you know what I mean. Looks like snow on the cover so that's just right for the time of year.

NEIL ARDLEY - A SYMPHONY OF AMARANTHS. These English jazz LP's really do have some intellectual titles.Yeah, and this one has quite an intellectual thread running throughout - where it is I don't quite know but it's there alright. Anyway, it's the most beautiful jazz, with good drums, great melodies and a bit of talking over the top. It;s almost filmic in some parts. Ivor Cutler tells the weirdest story and Norma Winstone sings words you can understand for once. Clever and beautiful, and worth fighting for - I say that cos I had to fight quite hard at a record fair to get it. Sad really.

PEUR SUR LA VILLE - MORRICONE. A scary a dark recording by the master, to what I'm told is a scary and sexy Giallo movie. This LP is trippy, hypnotic and very dark. I shouldn't really like it but something about it makes me quite happy. A bit like laughing at one of Dereks found photos in the gallery section on this website.

BASIL KIRCHIN - QUANTUM: This unreleased LP will be with you soon I promise. Well you might not want it so I shall be less presumptuous. "Quantum" has never been heard - it is scary, weird, experimental and totally unique. He uses autistic children, his wife, birdsong, jazz and field recordings, then mashes them all up so you don't really know where you are. Ambient and terrifying. Listen and you will realise how far ahead of everyone Basil really was. I've got his latest recordings as well, and they are potty. I love them. More news will follow. Quantum will be out in 2003.

THE HELLERS - SINGERS... TALKERS... PLAYERS... SWINGERS... AND DOERS By complete accident I have found the LP used on "Lessons in Hip Hop". There's that bit where the little girl says "please tell me a story", and the bloke goes, "I think I'll tell the story...of my life". Well it's on this bloody LP. And a killer LP it is too, madness, anarchy, psychedelia and it's still very hip some thirty odd years later. Includes a great song all about "taking". Listen and hear how shit and unimaginative most artists are these days. Sorry.

ANASTASIA MIA FRATELLO - PICCIONE. 50s New York cop drama shot in the 70s with a priest as the hero methinks. Has some of the funkiest and dirtiest beats I've heard in ages. Real drama. Fat with a capital "P". Yes that is a "P".

HENRY TEXIER - VARECH. This is a very interesting man. He wears a beard, a little bobble hat and makes wacked out folky jazz. He sings, fucks around with bass strings and is very out there in his own unique little musical world. He's French, eats frogs and snails, has a garden, a big double bass, lovely chord trousers and a nice chair in the garden as well. Lucky man. There are rumours that the Beta Band just copied this musical Monsieur but only really in production sound and facial hair terms. I might be wrong so don't quote me please.

THE PETER YORK PERCUSSION BAND. Funny old thing this and I'm suprised more beat diggers don't dig it. Basically, it's all just drums and percussion, with a mammoth version of "Sombrero Sam" which is about six minutes long and is all breaks. Well, that's what I think anyway.

THE NEW SOUND OF CHIVO BORRARO. Well bugger me. Argentinean jazz. Never thought it was possible. If you like jazz then buy this LP. It costs about £500 but it has just been re-issued on sexy vinyl (and CD) by It is a beautiful jazz LP, but there's one sublime "modal" masterpiece called "Half and Half" which I shall listen too for many years to come because it makes me very happy. There's also a version of "Summertime" which is always a treat in winter. Seriously, this is beautiful and I am endlessly grateful to whatmusic for digging it out and doing it.

EVRRYBODYS TALKING ABOUT - SALENA JONES: Well Salena the glamour puss covers just about every popular hot from the late 60s and early 70s here is quite a unique and funky fashion. It;s a realk shame I don;t really fancy Salena otherwise theis LP would almost be too perfect. However, I would quite like to meet her dressmaker.


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