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Summer 01

RISA POTTERS - HALF WOMAN HALF CHILD: And not half bad either. I don't know who Risa is or what she's doing now, but back in the late sixties she was singing her little sweet heart out like a sexy late teen. Most intriguing is her backing band, who must have bumped into Ken Kesey before they dropped into the studio. Subtle but wonderfully mad. May start calling her Risa Potty from now on.

RICKY WILDE - ALL NIGHT GIRL: Got this as a result of a Junkshop Glam article I have just written. Do not diss this cheap single until you have heard one of the weridest breakdowns in electronic history. I am spellbound. Released on Jonathan Kings UK label. Ricky WIlde (right) was a very cute child at the time. You may now draw your own conclusions.

ROY CASTLE - SONGS FOR A RAINY DAY: Now I used to like Roy. Record Breakers, guest appearances on Blue Peter and even a cool role in a couple of great sixties movies. But this LP is shit. I'm putting it on the site as a warning. Like a flood warning. Stay away from the area at all costs. I mean it. There is not one redeming moment. He quite liked it I'm sure. And his widow still does by all accounts.

COSMOSPOLITAN WAVE - ESTRAK LANCOIS: Mental french disco house monster from about 1978. Feature Francis Monkman (Long Good Friday music) in the line up. I really can't describe it; quite conceptual in every respect, this composer was on his own trip at the time, and you can certainly join in for a bit of it, but it's definately twisted. And quite influential me thinks. An underground specialist LP. Lovely to look at too.

BERTOIA - SONAMBIENT: This man is famous for making chairs. Like those post trendy mental ones that look like Robin Day but a bit less plastic. Well this is a recording of him playing his furniture. A lovely idea at the time. He may even have been paid in horsemeat once he'd finished.

UNACCCOMPANIED BARRE - BARRE PHILLIPS: I'm told this is essential if you have a posh stereo. This is Barre Phillips, player of the double bass, in a church in London in 1968. He just played the bass for about 45 minutes in an out there improvised fashion. It works for me sometimes and not others, and sounds mad often. Japanese jazz people would bow to this.

GREATER JAMAICA - MOONWALK REGGAE: Dis is eh rekard fur Mista Kollie!! Dog op at de carboot ana Sundeay!! Tuuf bway!! Tommy McCook cukin all de wee.

BY MYSELF - KARIN KROG: Well I just can't stop singing this LP. Or it's praises. A beautiful jazz session from about 1964, frozen in vinyl time. If you have not heard any Karin Krog, you should, she is a beautiful singer in every respect. I love her madly. This is a swedish jazz Lp. Sound like you have never heard.

L'INITIATION: Quite a kooky soundtrack this one. Looks like a sex movie, with bums on the cover. Also looks like none of the actors can act. Music is very pretty though, with a great frennch canadian groovy tune on it that I keep playing. It's in french and I understand it too - there you go mother, that education was only partly wasted.

SMOG - PIERRO UMILIANI: Nice one. Mega rare italian score from about 1963. I like it because Helen Merrill is singing in her own sexy way. And that's all I want sometimes.

DAN TERRY - LONELY PLACE: What a monster!!!!West coast big band madness from about 1969 - not just swinging and funky but more importantly there are kazoos in the line up. So up yours.

BIG BAND BEAT - MR BRANDENBURG: Go to Mole Jazz in London with £1. Leave with this LP. Go home and realise that for all the straight ahead covers of Spinning Wheel etc etc there are some really mental moments and I really don't understand them. There's even an Ian Gillan tune in a big band stylee. Should have really sold this LP on last week but something inside of me said "no". May well have been the Salami I had for lunch.

THE JONNY CASH CHILDRENS LP: The great voice of country gets down with the littluns and sings his old grey heart out. I like this jolly and sick (in places) kids LP. I am currently trying to corrupt my big sisters little boy with it. And I think its working.

NANCY AMES - BOTH LATIN LPS: Wheeled out year on year, every Summer. That immaculate hairdo. That powerful voice. That killer latin orchestra always cooking at the same temperature. I love her and always will my friends.

KES - JOHN CAMERON: This is not out yet. I will release it in September I think. It's the complete but short score from the Ken Loach film. It has taken me two years to get my hands on it. Now I have, we'd like a bit of privacy before all the other people listen. All I will say is that it is awesome, and features anyone who was anyone in British jazz in 1969. Just you wait.

RESURRRECTION - VARIOUS ARTISTS: Another shameless plug for a release that Trunk are involved with. Superb compilation of religious recordings from the late sixtes and seventies. Garage punk, jazz, psychey folk, madness and more, and all with Gods message in one way or another. Almost a comedy LP. Perfect for those lost Sundays. If you are on the mailing list you will hear about its imminent release into the already corrupted world we live in. SIng! Dance!!! Hallelujia!! Where's the wine?