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Summer 2000

FANTASTICA by RUSS GARCIA: incredible early (1961) musical journey into space. An unbelievable listening experience with possibly a Sun RA cosmic connection. Track 2 side 2: "The Goofy Peepl of Phobos". Hmmm.

ALEXANDER by VLADIMIR COSMA: eccentric soundtrack listening. Clown like bossa novas, groovy go go and an instrumental that sounds like the original of "Wind beneath my wings" but better of course. Little known but bloody good.

AFRICAN PARTY by GINGER JOHNSON: unbelievable afro percussion LP from the outer reaches of the british jazz scene, circa 1967. Pounding riddims, tight skinwork and a really enthusastic bit of cover art.

SONGS FOR CHILDREN by MARY ROWLAND: released January 1965, this is a classic Sunday school LP brilliantly played and performed. Thing is though, most of the songs are really evil. Sick stories sung in a jolly fashion - twisted percussion a la "Wicker Man" played by James Blades, the man who hit the gong for Rank Films. Some of it even sounds like hipnotic hip hop.

SANDWICHES by the DETROIT GRAND PU BAHS: don't normally go for modern sounds but this is superb, simple and hard detroit techno with appletalk lyrics. I don't think you can beat techno when it has a sense of humour.

SIVUCA by SIVUCA: well summer is a comin' in so this always comes out. The mighty bearded midget from brazil and his debut LP. Every track is beautiful and free and sweet and lovely and you can always laugh at the photos of him performing and bursting at the same time on the front and back. A midget gem.

HUMMINGBIRD by PAUL GONSALVES: a pretty little English jazz LP, quite laid back and not too up its own arse for a british jazz LP. Sexy wildlife cover perfectly compliments the natural flow of the music.

JAQUES TATI - TRAFFIC: soundtrack to funny film. Exceptional recording, no breaks, no beats, just fine instrumentals all with a froggy, feminine and exotic twist. Good for that clapped out car stereo that doesn't eject properly.

REVENGE by the BLEY-PEACOCK SYNTHESIZER SHOW: Wow, wish I could go and see this live. Conceptual nonsense? Noisy madness? A real mystery in many ways this record but a very good listen and at least they were trying to do something different. Songs a bit like e.e. cummings.

THE DOCTOR AND THE STUDENT by SILVIO AMMADIO: I put this on when people come around and wait for their faces to contort - especially when the weird noises start (for no real reason) near the end. A saucy soundtrack that tickles my bits.

VASHTI BUNYAN - DIAMOND DAY: re-released by my mate Paul. This LP is incredible, like a lost gem. Possibly the sweetest folky record you will ever hear. Swarbrick on fiddle too. Stories sung about sweet animals, and birds, and cups of tea. Great to fall asleep to. Very english, quite eccentric and truly beautiful. Buy it quickly on both formats, for the rest of your life.

DOROTHY AND RAYMOND AT HOME by MR AND MRS RAYMOND SCOTT: a wonderful record that you could play to your parents, they'd love it and it would let you still be a bit odd at the same time. Brilliant versions of "singin' in the rain", "tico tico" and the bonkers "Dedictatory piece to the crew and passengers of the first experimental rocket express to the moon". So there.

DRAG FOR CAMP FOLLOWERS - this is not here because it is good. It is here because I've never seen anything so horrid in all my life. And it exists. I bought it because it is disgusting. I don't mind drag when it is good, but this is dreadful and I am telling you so you can keep well away. There is a small photo here for you to see. Click for bigger one.
Send it to people you don't like.

This took me ages to find. I listen to it now, often. The man was a genius. The Lp has a live "Professor Unwin meetit the press" section and I really don't know how he manages to speak so madley for so long and about manifold subjy. True improvisation, great humour and the labels on the record are marked "Sidey 1" and "Sidey 2". Sweet.

THIS IS MONTY ALEXANDER: piano magic from the jamaican monster. Big Jonny Pate production. Tough, fast, groovy, and a record I always take when I'm asked to DJ. If only someone would ask me to DJ.

THE BLACK WINDMILL by ROY BUDD: First time release! Play this to anyone and they should compare it to their fave jungle/ drum & bass artist. The original UK influence, may you rest in piece Mr Budd. I went and saw his last concert in Barnes in about '92. There were eight people in the audience and I'd brought three of them with me. Sad really. He also tried to chat up my sexy sister at Heathrow once.

COOGANS BLUFF by LALO SCHIFRIN: I'm not telling you anything about this at all.

EL TRANO by BRUNO NOCOLAI: weirdo train documentary thing. Rubbish cover, great music. Edda singing too. Quite conceptual but brilliant and musical. A real sonic journey.

DREAMING WITH ALICE by MARK FRY: madness! Sounds just like that Badly Drawn Boy but from 1968. English backwards folky thing pressed only in Spain. If you can find a copy, Andy Votel from Twisted Nerve desperately wants one.



IMAGES BY JOHN WILLIAMS: terrifying noise, clunk and clash LP, provides atmosphere and spook to anything. Good for mixing too.

ANYTHING BY A CRAP 80s ARTIST: try sampling something dreadful like VVM does (Falco tribute 7") and make it worse. Then sell it! It works!!

VANCOUVER: yes, Vancouver, the place. Home of the field recording specialists, providing you with double LPs of sexy samples, such as "frogs being disturbed by a passing truck". Then illustrating it for you, in graph form.