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RECOMMENDATIONS - September 2012


Archived recommendations go back to Spring 2000.

Reading back over the last Recommendations, I cannot quite believe how I made so many grammatical and spelling errors. A grade of C+ would have been more than generous. More like a big old D would have been headed my way. So, this time I’m really going to try very hard and get my spelling all batter. Personally, I’m blaming it all on the unbounded enthusiasm to which I approach this website and the pages you see. It’s that very same enthusiasm that keeps me buying records, playing them and wondering why. Here are just some of those records, recent purchases that have tickled my fancy. And boy, it is a big fancy.

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A Japanese Thing With A Camel On The Front:
As well as the Camel on the front, there is a cute bird on the back. It is also on see-through turquoise vinyl, which is delightful. I like this record because it sounds like it’s my friend Rachel singing. Rachel can speak Japanese and occasionally sings in Japanese when the cherry blossom is out in the UK.


The new DJ Format LP:
One cut on here sounds like a demented Italian library LP, another has Edan doing his bonkers thing. Actually, it might be the same track I’m talking about here. Raving mad. And very good indeed. It’s called Statement Of Intent if you’re interested.

Morricone in The Agean:
Rude cover, and very rude “insert” from this Japanese only Morricone meets a Japanese violinist score. I like this. For lots of reasons. And I even did a bit of research into the film and apparently it stars La Cicciolina.


This is a record made using whale noises and a bit of improvisation, so it’s like a suite of whale noises helped along with some other peculiar but sympathetic noises. Kinda works though. Canadian record, unusually the first of two on this list.


A legendary Klaus Weiss album (not to be confused in any way with any of the legendary Mileene Klass albums). I first heard about it in the early 1990s when it had mythical status amongst the jazzy bag boys. I have never managed to buy one. Then I did a couple of weeks ago, after I’d done a show all about Klaus Weiss. I think some LP are supposed to come to you at a certain time. This is most excellent by the way, in a Placebo odd unpredictable fashion. And I do like the odd wonky coloured pencil graphic on a sleeve when I see one.


The Cults Percussion Ensemble album:
Wow wow wow, 14 year old girls making super noises with beautiful tuned percussion instruments and all wearing tartan skirts. Wow Wow Wow again. Private press. Read more about it when it’s re-released shortly.


Umiliani goes all VCS3 album:
Yes, here is Mr Umiliani, going a bit mental with a VCS3. Not that mental, but a bit mental. This does work well from time to time, and the picture on the back are great and make you want to buy a time machine.


Taking Off:
Possibly one of the greatest films I’ve seen in years, the American debut feature by Milos Foreman. Has a great song with the word “fuck” in it every line. Superb. Really superb. Here is a link to Cathy Bates from the film, which completely like blew my mind in a killer hippy fashion when I first saw it.


Sexy Car Record:
Yes, a sexy car record. Sexy! Car! Yes! You never knew a mini clubman could be so painfully hip.


Robert Tennison Troupe:
Sunshine pop sounds good when it pisses down outside, which is what has been happening ifrom time to time over the Summer months. This is a Canadian only album and was pressed twice, once by the CBC. It’s surprisingly charming, with a pleasant easy / Bacharach feel mixed with an inability to write really good lyrics. But the sound is there, as is the group singing, melodic lines and feel. So quite good then. And a killer shirt on the front cover.


Conroy Eurobeat Number 9:
I have had all the Conroy Eurobeats for years, all except Number 9. I have no idea why this one has alluded and avoided me for so many years, but it has. I now have it. Is it better than I hoped? Well no, to be honest, but along with a couple of infantile tracks that get played along with kiddie tantrums chez Trunk, there is a good choral number and an odd thing that I like a lot.


The first Shirley Collins Records:
I bought a Shirley ep last year called Folks Songs Volume 2 from 1963. Now I have located all of Shirley’s early eps, which include The Foggy Dew, Shirley Sings Irish and the first Topic ep. My relationship with folk does fluctuate, but my relationship with Shirley never falters. I think that’s enough recommendations for the moment as I’m now shagged out.



Stephan sent these in - from 1970 copies of Practical Householder he informs us. Corkers indeed!

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