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Autumn 2002

Welcome to the slightly Autumnal 2002 turntable selection. Thinking about it, it's only Autumnal because that's the time of year. None of these recordings are definitive for Autumn, it's just turned out that way. Well it has indeed been a busy few months for Trunk. Collecting LPs and carbooting have been put firmly on the backboiler. Basically, good LPs are harder to find at Boot Fairs these days and Sunday mornings in bed with my young lady appeals slightly more than groping around between a grubby Barry Manilow and an even filthier Max Bygraves in a cold field (you're slipping - Ed.). That aside, I still have managed to turn up some super duper sounds - some as yet unheard by the general public. These are currently being licensed for anyone interested in having a listen. Here goes qualify, these records must be played lots and lots, with the occasional jumping for joy action as visual accompaniment in ye olde barn.

MIKE WESTBROOK - LOVE SONGS. Never really been a huge fan of Mike Westbrook, but this is superb. The last track, "Original Peter" sung by Norma will stay with me forever. It's sort of sing along do-dee-do-de-dodo jazz and there is nothing really quite like it. Well if there is and you want to share it with me let me know. People do ask horrid money for this LP, so I suggest you advertise for it and pay much less.

WINNETOU SERIES - KARL MAY. Thought I'd give this a spin before I sold it on. It's one of those LPs that looks really bad, with like a hammy looking Lone Ranger and Tonto couple on the front. But much to my delight it's just to good to let go of now. Imagine a funky German making music for Apaches. Surprisingly beautiful with some throbbing Native American darkness mixed with almost jazz.

UNIVERS 2000 - ERIC FRAMOND. Possibly a perfect record. Hard, jazzy, psychedelic and odd. And there are lots of ladies squealing behind insistent demonic rhythms which is what we like. Includes "Orgy with Satan" which is a title I am hugely envious of.

I START COUNTING - BASIL KIRCHIN. Kinky serial killer movie from 1969, starring an occasionally dressed Jenny Agutter and her stuffed toy bunny. A scary piece of 60s film making in Basingstoke. Anyway, this music is unreleased and quite beautiful, with lyrics sung by the daughter of one of the session musicians. A perfect blend of folk, jazz and film music. Awesome. Yes really.


IF I DIDN'T WORK WHAT WOULD I DO - MORRICONE. Bonkers. People burping over jazzy breaks and scatter drums. Small but very loud choirs. It's nutty and I like it, but my bird doesn't see the point, so I have to listen alone.

BEHOLD A PALE HORSE - MAURICE JARRE. Started listening to this when I did a "Soundtracks of War" radio show. This is a melodic and clever LP, and it's amazing how such simplicity can make you blub, sorry, make me blub. Bit folky in an alpine fashion, but don't let that put you off. A lovely dare I say "vintage" cover as well.

KITES ARE FUN - FREE DESIGN. Indeed Kites are fun. The perfect song for a great pastime as the Autumn wind kicks in to blow all those brown withered leaves away. Well I've since found out my old box kite is fucked, so that's the end of that idea then.

THE ILLUSTRATED MAN - GOLDSMITH. A soundtrack unissued at the time and now out courtesy of my old mate Lucas Kendall (the bloke who first released Pelham 1,2,3.). This is beautiful and crazy. Pre Planet of The Apes handmade electronics mixed with a pastoral melancholy sound. Amazing CD sleeve notes, but then again Lucas Kendall is one of the world greatest soundtrack nerdy wordies.

UNRELEASED WORLDS - BASIL KIRCHIN. A quite unbelievable find this, even though I say so myself. Basil made two "worlds" LPs using jazz, natural sounds and three Ampex tape machines. The ones released by Island and Columbia (see recommendations passim) aren't a patch on the oddities I am currently listening to here. They have to be the scariest and most beautiful recordings I have ever heard. He's used birdsong, saxophone, drums, his wife, a tram and Autistic children. Release on Trunk is imminent...more news will follow...and limited edition "Basil Kirchin is my friend" T shirts will also be making an appearance.

THE DUNWICH HORROR - LES BAXTER. I now like this record. I thought it was shit before, but my mate Fraser played it to me again, so it is flavour of the moment. It has some good though slightly predictable horror sounds mixed with some late 60s psychey beats. I reckon this may be an LP to watch because it's annoying to track down these days and it is a bit "DJ Shadow" in places.

SEXY SAFARI - LUCE ROSSA. This filthy little 7" has it all - boobs, disco, lion roars and kinky squeals of pleasure.

THE DUDS - TALES FORM THE ONTODUNGEON. Horray. At last someone makes a proper electronic folk record. Great traditional sound that really isn't. I might not like this in a week, but I like it right now. 300 copies only from some bloke in Exeter.

ZORRO - GIANFRANCO PLENIZIO. This is not the full title, as the full title is full of 'ohs' and 'ahs'. Yes a real oddity - first you're expecting shitty / novelty period music, then you get all this kooky electronic stuff. However, this has a shit cover, which is a bit predictable.

INDIA - FRANCESCO DE MASI. Poetic documentary music all about India and not a cheesy Sitar in site. Yes, it is possible. This is an amazing record. I took this on holiday and girls loved it. So I had to come back and make sodding CDs for them all.

THE SWEET BODY OF DEBORAH - NORA ORLANDI. Now do you reckon that Nora Orlandi is a bloke or a lady. Or both? Anyway, he/she produced quite an odd backing for this early Giallo flick. Not as sexy as maybe it should be but some superb wordless vocals and some good sparce jazz thrown in too. Lovely cover - definitely one to get all the sweaty men at film fairs even sweatier. If you have ever been to a London Film Fair you will know exactly where I am coming from and who I'm talking about. And if you ever fancy going to a London Film Fair do not - I mean DO NOT under any circumstances take your girlfirend or wife. She will be perved over, probably when she goes to spend a penny.

MADLEY - FRANCIS LAI. A very cool LP. It's crap when you first hear it - but you pick up on the slightly funky beats. Then you listen again, and again, and you realise that it is a beautiful and extremely clever record. I am in love with this sound at the moment. And I'm also in love with the lady who sings the wordless vocals on it. This love affair may not last, but it is a very fine LP all the same.

THE AUSTRALIAN IMMIGRANT....PICCIONE. A mindblowing oddity. Fabulous pre-disco easy listening. A very addictive and progressive sound. Again, I listened to this when I got it and though "well, it's not all that is it Jonny". Then I dug it out again, giving it a second chance and what a surprise. Every track is absolutely beautiful. I am smitten and have played it when naked ladies are in the vicinity.

CROOKED - VARIOUS. An extremely simple hip hop record. Kind of lo-fi and very effective. Dare I suggest even dark and filthy in a sexual way. I find this kind of modern sound irresistible, almost trance-like. I play it very loud. It's underproduced, heavy and very groovy. It looks like Bill Laswell was involved which makes sense. Out on "Word of Sound" recordings if you are interested.

CENTRE OF ATTENTION - I.N.I. From what I can gather this was a hip hop LP that never made it to full production, just promo copies in 1993. It has now been "pressed". One track in particular, "Grown Man Sport" is awesome, using a Fela sample in a most clever fashion.

JOHN IL BASTARDO - NICO FIDENCO. A sublime spaghetti LP that requires several listens just to realise how good it really is. Also includes a wonderfully ironic seduction track. This is noit me being all clever, I'm just writing down what's written on the back. However, I do agree.

STUFF PEOPLE SEND ME - Yes, people send me CDRs and 7" singles that they have made. Many of these prove to be far better listening than anything I can by in the shops. Please keep them coming. Teeny Tiny Trunk will issue them...

DIRTY FAN MALE - THE LP. Oh my god. It's out. I'm not just saying this, it is true - it's original, funny and very odd. You will hear nothing as genuinely bonkers again. Even the bloke who dropped the barcode into the artwork is hooked. And it's not even out yet, so you have to wait till the end of October. But you can have a look at the CD and LP artwork if you want.

Yours sincerely Lionel.