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Autumn 2001

THE LLIDITH TRIO: a quaint recent discovery - charming and awful recording of church-goers classics. Made even more classic by the fact there are four of them. And one of them needs a shave.

SAMMES SESSION: well he came, he sang and now unfortunately has passed away. So we dug this out and had a good long listen. It's bloody good and because it's on World Record Club it's got one of those little diagrams on the back sleeve which indicate where you turned your bass and treble knobs to last time you listened. Actually it hasn't got one on this LP, but Derek loves them when they are there.

BOB CAROL TED AND ALICE: Funny how music works. With all the tragedy around at the moment my mind was drawn to this, simply because it has one of the most awesome versions of "What the World Needs Now" on it which makes me cry, or at least well up inside. It's the strings that get me every time, then the electric piano. Yes readers, we are human here at Trunk.

CUL DE SAC: Well I did a playground swap here. It's the only way I could get me hands on this tricky little 7". Killer jazz ep of music from the Polanski classic. It's that bloke Komeda again, twistin it all up and then spitting it out again in an evil fashion. Lovely cover as well. And if you want to know what the swap was - 22 Library Records. Yes, it's that good.

KES: Still haunting me. Magical melodies and all that. I sing it to myself far too often. It will be released in early 2002, so you can have it then.

PULP: Yes the new LP. It's got a sample from the Wicker Man on it. And now Jarvis has a small piece of wood from The Wicker Man (from the charred left leg) that I gave him on his birthday.

THE GREAT EGG RACE: intelligent theme to a rare piece of intelligent TV. And I still miss the show even now. We had a great egg race at my school, along the top corridor. My dad made me my egg racing chariot, it came second and I told everyone that I had made it all on my own. Very few people bought the story, and consequently, I had a great egg face.

POLNAREFF: a super funky frog.

CRUSIN' WITH ANNA DELL: Yes I agree. She looks a little like a gay man with a dress on. Very cool little LP where they were mucking about with the engineering so it goes all trippy round the speakers at odd moments. I think this is deliberate as one of the tracks in question is "Goin outta my head". Good jazz anyway, in a naff British fashion.

DROUYN: Hopefully someone can enlighten me further about this bloke "Drouyn". Seems like he's a champion surfer, and this is the soundtrack to his biographical movie back in the early 70s. First of all I'd like to know how to pronounce the name, and I'm sure the rest will follow. Quite a kooky LP though, lots of lovely wavey stuff and funny ambience by a band called "Finch".

DIRTY FAN MALE: This is the LP version. Just started listening to it and laughing. Includes an incredible story from "Elvis Presley Bustin". More news will follow.

BLACK SABBATH. We sold our soul for rock and roll. Makes a nice change.

LES GALETS DE SOMETHING OR OTHER: Its just sooo complicated trying to remember all these foreign records. This one is by George Garverantz and I like most of it. They look very much in love on the cover and some of the beats are tres groovy.

PIGGLESWICK FOLK: There is a pig smoking a pipe on the front cover. There is also a man holding up his Labrador called Humphry. Something tells me this is folk. If you call "Teddy Bears Picnic" on Kazoos "folk" then that's what it is.

MOIRA KERR: Second LP with Alan Price on organ. Quite good actually - over rated by the bearded folk "massive", but it Ôs quite a good LP for those folky moments which for me are becoming scarcer. Maybe I should call a halt to shaving.

VOODOO RAY: an unplayed charity shop bargain. Classic early house, but thinking about it it's not really house at all. You can see what all the fuss was about definitely. I have played it several times now. Oh, and if there are any LPs or singles you recommend to us, please let us know. It's always really super to hear from anyone.