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Autumn 2000

RINDER AND LEWIS - WARRIORS. Possibly the strangest duo in the world. Underground disco madness, including killer versions of those classics we love, like "Love Potion No. 9". A wild affair. And "willie and the Hand Jive". Nuts. And highly saught by the Stussy posse.

DISCOTEQUE - THE FOUR INSTANTS. What the hell is going on here with track number one. Loony Percussion with like a heavy guitar freakbeat thing going off. Actually found this LP in my mums garage after years of leaving there and not bothering about it. Then finding this mental piece of something right at track one. Pre disco discoteque, from 1965. Nice crap cover.

YOJIMBO - MASARU SATO. A rare find for me. Never seen the Kurosawa film but I'm sure it's amazing. Well this music certainly is. 1961, and heaven knows what was going on in this blokes head. This sounds like everything you've heard all at once, but different if you know what I mean. A real visual record, one for those people who like saying "great score" when just "great" will do.

BELLSON / SCHIFRIN - EXPLORATIONS. Now these guys are cats, man. He's on the drums for about fourty minutes doing all sorts of progressive things, and the other - well he is twiddling and playing with everything else. Stuff in 4/4 but really goes nuts at 15/8. Pre Dirty Harry, but you can hear him coming alright.

UPCHUCH - BY UPCHURCH. Found by accident at a summer Fete, this has become my bedroom LP of the moment. It smokes and grooves and gets really sexy in the way that only sexy black jazz can. Big sweeping Charles Stepney sound, the sort of record that gets better everytine you hear it. Really early version of "Black Gold" on it, and I didn't realise for ages because I was to busy mucking about and not paying attention.

SADISTIC MIKA BAND - BY THE SADISTIC MIKA BAND. What's all this then? Late Japanese prog rockers wearing all the things that Kid Kreole's Coconuts would wear. Really funny music but a killer break on "Silver Child" that people pay big bucks for at the moment. Or so I'm told. Any offers, just email me.

THE ELECTRONIC JUNK YARD. Electronic cheese really, but quite mature and entertaining. Briefly.

VERTIGO - BERNARD HERMANN. I love Bernard, and I want to have his musical babies. He may be dead but his music is still very much alive and very scary. Awesome twisted classical music. Surprisingly good to go to sleep to. The other night I was reading "A Night to Remember" and listening to this and haviong a fag all at once at it was great.

Tough and brassy funk record. They've also got these great girl vocalists singing, or rather screaming and shrieking in the background which actually turns me on. This is a record for good house parties just as they get out of control.

MIND DUSTERS - KENNY RANKIN. Welcome light relief from the darkness of Nick Drake. A lovely LP I was blisfully unaware of, from 1968. It's his first record, with really bad liner notes but his music is really pretty. Girlfriends like this sort of thing and I've also found out that he's a major influence of Georgie Fame. But better I think. The world is a lovely place when you listen to this.

THE MINX - SOUNDTRACK. Another one of those I haven't listened to for ages, but when I did I found it to be better than I remembered. Bit weird, bit psych-like and very twingly. Strange time signatures too, and there's a track that's just like badly drawn boy in about two years time. Cheers

MAIDEN VOYAGE - RAMSEY LEWIS. And there was me thinking I really didn't get on with Ramsey at all and then all of a sudden I heard "Eternal Journey" and we're now very much in love.

This was recorded in a (possibly "the") village hall in the Shetlands. All the local talent out to make a record. Madness, and almost talent free as far a music goes. I like "Shirley and Larry" best, a dad a daughter duo of note. There's also a band called Do Do. They are, as the name suggests, shit.

THE BANANA SPLITS - TV LP. Should really still be on everyones nostalgia wants list. I bought it originally hoping the sour grape gang theme would be on it but no luck there. Not a bad LP as far a bubblgum breaks are concerned. I paid a foolish £30 for this in 1990 so heaven knows what fools will pay nowadays. Derek, who does the site is the only person I have ever met who noticed that there are TWO different Snorky outfits. One shaggy and one less shaggy. One day soon there should be a link here to the TRUNK collection of Banana Splits ephemera, including the original press releases and other such nonsence. Most of it came from Hanna Barbera in 1990 when I was on my Banana Mission. Sad really.

PASSING DREAMS - BADAL ROY. Should really be Badass Roy. Great eastern percussion LP. He used to play with Miles Davis so he knows exactly what he's doing. Quite a spiritual record and lovely to have in the kitchen.

ZOO - ZOO. Wacky french thing. Tasteful and totally hard funky monster. "Mammouth" est le grand track pour monsieur Trunk. Goes on for about 10 minutes and really plays with your head. And I mean right inside your head. Shame nobody does it like that any more. I have a blue coloured Zoo record, but I've also seen the same one in orange.

THE LARK IN THE CLEAN AIR - One of those funny Topic records that probably sold in very small qauntities. Like about 14. It's like a demonstration of the music you can make when you've only got a spoon and a jews harp. In this case the Jews harp has been recorded right inside the mouth or thereabouts because it sounds like a synthesized digereedoo.

CONTROFASSE - MORRICONE. Sometimes it seems as if this bloke just made records for the hell of it, and in about 5 minutes. And in those five minutes he'd be in a real bad evil mood. This is one of those records, not really made for any reason, apart from dark and electronic ones. Evil cover art as well.

DEATH SENTANCE - PICCIONI - still on the Italian vibe, this is Spagetti Western sounds with jazz all over it. Really quite spooky. And all the tracks are about one minute twenty, which I also approve of.

CHERRYSTONES - PRESSURE COOKER. Sort of staying on the Italian tip, this is superb London Hip Hop. Educated samples, great driving beats and dark Bruno Nicolai edges all around. Cool cats on the cover.

SONGS OF EXPERIENCE - DAVID AXELROD. Now you should really know about this. If you liked DJ shadow, then listen to this and you realise that DJ shadow just nicked it all right here, and he's not that clver afterall. A beautiful LP of huge progressive proportions. Any true hip-hopper knows this man very well indeed. Re-issued recently for all you lucky people.

NIGHT AND DAY - VARIOUS ARTISTS. Funny 1990 compilation of eight tracks, six by Carl Craig. Now there's something about Carl Craig. His techno really doesn't date. I suppose he just used all the right electronic ingredients. This is a very fine demonstration of quality modern music making. I'll now let you into a little secret. I really used to fancy Carl Craig's wife. She used to wear rude shoes.

VVM - LADY IN RED (IS DANCING WITH MEAT). This is great. Chris De burg would probably 1) contact his lawyers 2) ring his mum 3) fuck off forever if he actually heard this tasteful deconstruction of his revoltingly wet anthem. Maybe when all the people who hold up lighters at his concerts actually want to burn him alive. Well lets hope so.


DEEP THROAT - I mean why do you think it was issued in the first place? And if you do buy it, sample it and are pleased with the results, sent it to us and we'll put it out. Yes really.

THE MR MEN LP - The voice of Arthur Lowe, and some very strange electronica by Paddy Kingsland that has me reaching for my knobs.

IMAGES - JOHN WILLIAMS. A nasty piece of work this. A whole LP of dark nightmare music from the film all about nightmares. Nightmare. But brilliant as sound beds to anything.

CARRIBEAN CARNIVAL - typical car boot LP with lots of little surprises. Ska and jazzy drums all over the place. And a very subtle voodoo cover.


SINGAPORE GIRL PIPERS - the worst recording I have ever heard in my life. Singapore Decca 7". can't stop listening because it is just too bad and makes everyone wet themselves.
"This is a record with a difference", say the sleeve notes. True enough, but you'll have to have heard the record to appreciate; "The girls have pride in their work and were assiduous in the task of achieving perfection on this record."Breathtaking denial that would make Clinton blush. DC.


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