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TRUNK KITCHEN - Derek's Dishes Archive 2

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Last update I asked if it was worth continuing with The Dishes. The response was overwhelming. Some bloke down the pub said "yeah it's really good" and here are just two of the two emails I received:

Splendid array of kitchen cupboards. Mention of cordon bleu (very sic.) in 'Frenzy' brings to mind other culinary delights in early 70s Britflicks - notably Robert Morley's involuntary puppyfest in 'Theatre of Blood'. I seem to recall that messrs Pleasance and Rossington in 'Death Line' never get more than a cup of tea, though.

Best wishes
f luddite (Mr)

Can't argue with that. And the clincher:

thename: Greg Pickersgill
details: Hi Derek
Don't stop ! It's fun !

I also received this email which has nothing to do with it

Morning derek
Do women really care about penis size? The answer is yes
Sham Disney

So, in the words of Jimi Hendix, away we go!

DISHES 14: Music, nostalgia and sex - this image has it all. The kettle's merry whistle, the exposed pipes, rubber tap-nozzle and just look at that teapot giving us a full-profile! Scholars tell us that the lovely lady here, voluptuous of thigh and impractical of top, is Ms Linda Dean. The image derives from Parade Spring Extra. Year unknown but looks to be mid to late 60's. Put that kettle ON Linda!

Trunkuser Tom Bristow sent us this image. Thanks Tom. Tom writes: "Here's one for Derek's dirty dishes from an old copy of Mayfair. I think the morning cup of coffee kind of counts..."

Morning? Coffee? Kitchen? Who's to know but yes it definitely counts. Classic Mayfair image.

DISHES 13: I'd like to know if it's worth continuing with the dishes or has the idea run its course?
Dear users, please let Derek know.

Meanwhile here is an image of a girl who has put on foundation in full color. Not only that..she's put the kettle on! Oh good news for modern man.

DISHES 12: Curds and Wahay

A SPECIAL TEA SET: from 1938 "Movie Humour" magazine submitted by Steven Christie. I have to say Steven really gets it. Explore his web site at wRong

DISHES 11: Maid you look... (image courtesy of Stanley Morgan)

Here's an image sent in by Scott W. She's a bit on the modern side but she has a nice tea towel. So she's in. Thanks Scott.

DISHES 10: If you can't stand the heat...

DISHES 9: Galley Pussy

Can you smell burning?